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Divinicus - rise of the divane human

A Great Shift of Consciousness is taking place on Earth into the Fifth Density. It''s to unravel the imbalance and disharmony happening here in the 3D. Why is the situation here so challenging? And what karma does humanity need to process to attain the higher 5D consciousness? DIVINICUS is a captivating true story, sharing deeply moving inter-dimensional experiences, exploring the true origins of Humanity, and how he came to be here on Earth in the current predicament. It will take you on a consciousness expanding journey, from the deserts of Arizona, to the plains of South Africa; from ancient Lemuria to the submerged Atlantis; from the ''Garden of Eden'' to the ''big Apple'' of America. Discover exactly what you can do to thrive through the tumultuous changes facing us all. DIVINICUS is the third book in the series of Openhand''s "5D Shift Project".

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