What we do

Millions of people have come to a critical point in their physical and spiritual development - they are ready to step into a new way of life, directed by the longing of the Soul rather than all the needs of the ego. Are you one of them? We invite you to be at the forefront of the spiritual movement going on around the world.

We envisage a movement of individuals and groups in the coming years that will manifest what our souls are really longing for; waking up from the experience and belief that we are only physical beings who must fight and struggle for survival. The intervention of our planet holds many left in separation, suffering and fears, but its possible to break free from this and liberate our Spirit.

The truth is that we are all one with "The One" and our natural energy is love, inner peace, and freedom. Therefore - our world can be a world where we see all of us as brothers and sisters - a world where we spread goodness and manifesting Oneness. To achieve this, we need the courage to look inward at ourselves in depth. We need courage to face our fears, the darkness within us and liberate us from that. We know that this is possible. Still, Oneness is not a goal, it´s a progress of awakening and on the path realizing that we ARE one already

We offer consultations, evening circles, weekend courses, longer educations, spiritual journeys and lectures. Love it is for those who are interested in their own personal and spiritual development. Our passion is to provide valuable tools for you who want to increase your wellbeing, listen more to your heart and follow your life plan. Our work is based on the spiritual, human and spiritual values and where both the heart and brain interact.

What we offer


  • Soul Manifestation Coach & Soulfriend
  • The Ministry of I AM - 12 step program
  • Other programs in progess in English

Sessions with Samya:

  • Soul Manifestation Coaching
  • ICF Coaching
  • Hyposynthesis Therapy

Sessions with Jai:

  • Soul Manifestation Coaching
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Mindful conversations


  • Lectures and workshops with guests and friends like James Twyman, Trinity Bourne and others
  • Lectures with Samya & Jai at Love it and upcoming in other countries




We prefer personal meetings for private sessions but we also do Skype- or Zoom-meetings. We speak both Swedish and English. We charge 120 EUR / 60 min including 25% Swedish Taxes. For prices for programs, lectures, workshops and other events, read more in the presentations.

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