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Say YES to yourself - and unfold your true self, your soul!

Deepening your Spirituality
Millions of people around the world have come to a critical point in their physical and spiritual development - they are ready to step in to a new lifestyle directed by the longing of the soul rather than the demands of the ego. Now is the time to turn the ship around in man history - which on the surface seems to be about environmental threats, violence, refugees, leaders who seem completely absent from reality, economies braking down and much more which can make the list long. 

But, at the same time, we clearly see how this world, as on many ways driven from ego’s domains, suffering from spiritual deficiency. Therefore, the solution is also of a spiritual nature (which more and more people also realize). Many leave the old domains with the old religions and science and begin to find themeselves in a free spirituality and the quantum physics world. The realization that we are more than this body, ours thoughts, emotions and our “bag filled from childhood” become clearer. But at the same time the old system in the world does everything to prevent the new one from blooming. 

But this power cannot be stopped, it is already growing and moving. Dr Wayne Dyer said; When we leave this body we will to realize our greatness, our existence which is pure love and power. But, why wait until the when we can manifest this greatness and love here and now? 

We therefore invite you to become an active, important part of the growing spiritual movement that is araising all over the world and where you can make a real difference for both yourself and others. We (and many with us) see in front of us several different interacting movements with individuals and groups that with together, here and now and in the future, manifests what we all so much want and need; love, inner and outer peace and freedom with all brothers and sisters. A world where we spread goodness and manifest Oneness. Do you want be one of them? Do you feel the call within you? Then this YES is the moment you been waiting for! 

We welcome you to this weekend workshop in Soul Manifestation. At the workshop we will open up and unfold with various so you can experience who you really are and to manifest your soul here and now. It does not matter if you are new in the spiritual area or have longer experience - the workshop works for everyone no matter where you are is in its development. The inspiration and knowledge you will bring home with you, will be able to use in your everyday life and also to deepen your own spiritual work that you performe or have interest in. 


  • Non-dualism - the difference between adualistic and non-dualistic view (how all consciousness is interconnected with each other and what it really means)
  • A course in miracles (in an easy and undemanding way)
  • Background, description and integration of I AM and its frequencies (I AM can briefly be described as an experience and awareness that we are all one with each other. Beyond the physical the body, the ego, behaviors, etcetera we are all one. Our souls are interconnected and we are one with the Source/ Universe. When we feel, experience and acting on the basis of I AM we are not only in contact with our own soul, we also act on the basis of its truth. I AM is another name for the Source and are used by mystics for thousands of years. In Sanskrit; Soham, in Hebrew; Eyeh Asher Eyeh)
  • The Spiritual Process Awakening, Shift, Transformation and Enlightenment
  • How spirituality and quantum physics are related
  • Mysticism
  • Compassion, love and respect 


About Jai 
Jai has been professionally active as a coach, therapist and leader in personal and spiritual development for almost 20 years. He has offered and implemented several courses, training classes, onlineprograms and published three books and several meditations over the years. Jai has a Diploma in Soul Manifestation Coaching, as a Mindfulness instructor and as a Hyposynthesis therapist. He is also a Minister through The Academy of Soul Manifestation in the United States. 

Jai is a member in the ASI - Association for Spirutual Integrity. The intention of the ASI is to grow and evolve as a community of spiritual leaders, teachers and guides, and prevent these unfortunate events by empowering teachers to become fully educated on the ethics and dynamics of working with students.

Price: 100 EUR including coffee/the 

Location and date in Germany; Upcoming 

Location and date in Wales, UK; Upcoming

This workshop will soon be launched with complete locations and dates. When booking, you will receive an invoice with Paypal (in case of late registration, you pay at the workshop). For more information abdout the Workshop in Germany, please contact Panta Rhei Institut, Marlin Schenk, Email: info(at)pantarhei-institut.org, or +49 176 2025 3218.

For the workshop in Wales, UK,contact Jai Thornell at jai@loveit.se or +46 735-344 550 

Book now or send us your interest and we will get back to you!



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