Soul Mediumistic Re:connection®

It is time to regain our natural power and step into our true Self. It is time to break through the illusion that only some are psychic, intuitive and others not. It is time to realize that we are all medium of our own spirit. Soul Mediumistic Reconnection® is about reconnecting to your mediumship and intuition so you can use them in your life.

Power up your soul!

  • Are you ready for your YES, your mediumistic abilities, your intuition and synchronicity in life?
  • Are you ready for more flow in life and deepening your personal and spiritual development? Are you ready for a bigger self-awareness, self-empathy and your own power to heal?
  • Do you want to be able to listen to your souls beautiful voice and feel more trust?
  • Do you want to create contact and relationship with what is called the other side, with your guides and with the Source that is your origin?
  • Do you want to be a medium of your own spirit and manifest its power in your life?
  • Then you are most welcomed to this unique program!


There are many ways to look at what mediumship and intuition are. The interest may also never have been greater than it is right now. As you may know, we at Love it have also offered medial weekend courses and medial therapist training for more than 10 years. But we ended when we finally realized that it was far too many who were only interested in the mediumistic "phenomena", rather than working on their own development. Unfortunately, the area around mediumship is also confused with all kinds of commerce and ”magic stuff”.

Many who are active within the mediumistic area also mix Spiritualist beliefs with New Age and many people goes to sessions or seances with the same attitude as when to walk in an amusement park. It is far too common for people to book meetings with a medium, wishing them to tell them what their future will belike  or because they "need" to get in touch with someone on the other side again for the third time in a year, loonging for to hear again that they are loved and on the right path.

Importent or correct questions are not told; Why does mediumship and intuition work? What is it and how can I benefit from it in my own life? What should it be used for? Since "The Other Side" exists, what does it really mean from a higher perspective? How does everything relate to who I am and is there any higher purpose? If I am a soul, what is that and how is it connected to everything else?

Our belief is that our mediumistic and intuitive ability is not intended to be used in the ways that is common this days. That being said - there is a place for  good serious mediums and the mediumship with a therapeutic function. But the mediumistic world how it has become ecolved, has become a big ego trap. And even more, it is not true that only some people have this skills and not the rest. Everyone has mediumistic capacity and everyone has intuition, it is a birthright and are supposed to be used in our own lives. Developed correct it is a way to learn to listen to your soul and let the soul become the master and the ego the servant. That is being a medium for your own spirit!

This program gives you an understanding of how to access, develop and train your mediumistic and intuitive abilities. And by deepening your contact with your soul and other forms of consciousness (whatever "where" they are and in what "form" they are) you also deepen your presence in I AM*, meaning your contact with God/Divinity. You will also be able to "switch on" and deepen your contact with what is called the field (quantum physicists call it the Zero-field while spiritual / spiritual call it Source/Divinity/God) and will thus more easily come into contact with the synchronicity that will bring you everything you need in your physical life. In plain language, this means that you will be able to do what as a professional medium can do - have contact with the other side, do mediumistic readings of other people in the precense of I AM*, but mainly you will use the tools in your own life, for yourself.

Soul Mediumistic Reconnection® is a return and recognition to your pure abilities that always have been with you and that is yours to use in your life. By finding and strengthen these frequencies that already exist within you, you gain valuable tools in your life. Mystics in all religions and philosophies have known how to do it and what it should be used for. Quantum physics has proven its existence. The power is within all of us and we will help you to reach it.


The course runs over totally four weekends. Next course is planned to start springtime 2022.

We use the Spiritualistic tools in training because they work, they provide an understanding and they also give confirmation (proof) for you in your development We also enter the world of quantum physics to understand and realize the nature of the mediumistic phenomena

Price for the course is EUR 1490 and includes compendium and coffee/the. Lunch, dinner and accommodation is not included.


  • Basic theory and practical exercises about our mediumship and intuition, how it works, quantum physics and spirituality, chakras, guides, intuition exercises, synchronicity exercises.
  • Theory and philosophy around I AM, Non-duality, A Course in Miracles, Soul of Attraktion, The 5 Gateways. The different mediumships and past lives.
  • Practical intuition exercises, contact with your different guides, contact with the oter side, synchronicity exercises.
  • Theory and practice on healing and how it works
  • During the weekends we will also meditate, have sharing and do ceremonies and strengthening exercises - everything from I AM of course.
  • Between the weekends we will have conference calls with sharings, questions etc so you can get mentoring and coaching in your process.


I AM, can shortly be described as an experience and awareness that we are all one with another. Beyond the physical body, gender, color, ego, behaviors, etc. are we the same. Our souls are interconnected and we are one with the Source / God. When we know thi in our herats, experience and act on the basis of I AM, we are not only in touch with our own soul, we are also acting on the basis of its truth. I AM is another name for God and used by mystics for thousands of years.

Book now or send us your interest and we will get back to you!



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