FAQ about Soul Manifestation

Here you will find the most common questions about The Soul Manifestation program. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please send us an email; jai@loveit.se

Q: The program and its content attracts me, but I am worried about not having time enough for it because I work full time and have a family. What do you think about that?

A: You will catch up. All you have to do is watch one lesson / lecture of about 30 minutes that you get at the end of the week. About 3-4 days later we have a 45 min conference call with all participants where we go through the lesson and talk about our experience around it. Once a month you have contact with a another participant in year 2 and who is your Soulfriend. And about once a month you have a 20 min online meeting with your Soulgroup that you will belong to and you share your experiences of the program. The exercises are done directly in the lesson you get or directly in everyday life; in your family, at work, in traffic, in business, and when you are with yourself. You do not need to remove anything from your everyday life for the exercises.


Q: Do I need to have a company where I work with others?

A: Not at all. You can go this entirely for your own sake. In fact, it is necessary to go for your own sake even if you will have your own practice, helping others. You will be transformed and the best way to keep what we have received is by giving it to others. If you choose to join the program you will able to share your new energy and "being" everyday with your loved ones, friends, at work in a new but natural way. If you want a company (or have already) then you will give it away just like everyone else in everyday life to loved ones, friends, etc. because it feels good. But you will also be able to do so in a deeper and more teaching way with others, for example whith clients who needs your help in all kind of different ways. You will also be able to use what you learn as a Soul Manifestation Coach in workshops, classes and integrate in your own work.


Q: Did I understand it correct that that the program in total during year one includes 52 web-based lessons / lectures, 52 conference calls , about 12 individual occasions when I have a telephone call or video meeting with a Soulfriend and about 12 group meetings via Skype or similar with my Soulgroup? And in year two, the integration of I AM continues in different ways with 45 web-based lessons, groups and conference calls?

A: Yes - this is absolutely correct. And you will have free access to our Community on Facebook where you can create friendship with others in the program. There you also get access to extra materials, tips on literature, as well as free meditations and exercises.


Q: It is a lot of money for me and what happens if I get sick and whant to cancel the program?

A: It is a program that runs over two years and contains a lot of material and time spent. If you compare with other programs and what you get in this program, you get a lot for your money. In addition, you have the opportunity to split your payment into 24 months. If you get sick and loose som time and engagement for a while, it is not a big issue. You have access to all lessons and recorded conference calls for unlimited time, so you can catch up at any time. If you become ill so you have to cancel the program, you just send us a copy of a medical assurance certifying that you cannot complete the program. 


Q. I'm a little "allergic" to religious doctrines and people who say they have all the answers to everything. What is your opinion on this?

A: We look at it the same way as you do. However, there is a truth in all religions whether it is Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam etc. You can also find the same thing within New Age, Spiritual philosophies, mysticism, etc. We do not believe that we can reject this important teachings because people use religion or philosophie for their own purposes and agenda. The ego stands out strongly in our societies and this also applies within the religions. There are groups in all kind of areas that behave "sect-like". Our mission on the contrary, have the passion to create freedom, peace, openness and loving fellowship with ourselves and our world. We want to be clear that this program or Love it as a company in itself ,has no connection to any religion, political organization or institution, nor to any other movement of any kind. We are neither advocates nor opponents to anything else.


Q: What can I expect from the program?

A: When you begin to act in your deepest truth in yourself, in Oneness with everything and everyone you meet, then everything you need comes into your life. The soul becomes your master and the ego will serve the soul. Your consciousness and acting brings you into the flow of your true being and brings you the "right" doing in your life. You will not miss anything. You will experience a deep affinity, joy, peace, power, calm and, not least, an amazing amaount of love in life. The program simply helps you to be transformed into the true, authentic and best version of yourself - the greatness of your soul.


Q: I have taken a few different courses in my life including Vedic Art and Yoga. Can there be a "collision" at any moment with this program?

A: No not at all - the program blends in with your life no matter what "tools" you use in your spiritual development, regardless of your beliefs, value grounds, your intellectual and emotional status and your areas of interest in spiritual and personal development. We would also like to say that this program gives your various areas of interest in life, an inner core of truth and a solid foundation to stand on.


Q: What payment and financing options do you offer?

A: You can pay directly to us via invoice and choose to pay the entire course fee directly or, divide it into 4 parts (forwards), or to split the payment over 24 months (+5% extra in administrative costs). You can also pay with Payson Finance or PayPal.

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