Become a Soul Manifestation Coach® or a Soulfriend!

Are you ready to say YES to your soul, yourself and life itself? It’s time to step into a new lifestyle and many have already chosen to do so through this unique distance program from Love it Soul Manifestation Coach® & Soulfriend.

Are you ready to take the step?
Program starts spring 2022
Soul Manifestation Coach® program is a uniquely designed distance program /online education where you study at your own pace and that gives you the skills you need to manifest everything you need to thrive in life! Soul Manifestation focuses on the power within your soul and strengthens that power so you can create the life you long for. And when you act according to the greatness of your soul, that is also what you get back - in all its forms - in your inner and exterior world, in your relationships, in work, materially and financially. The universe always responds to what we give!

In this program you will learn the skills needed to work as a Soul Manifestation Coach® helping others unfold and manifest their soul’s greatest longing. You can also choose to join the program as a Soulfriend and use everything you learn to manifest love in your own life without working as a Coach. Regardless, you will make a difference for others in your surroundings, for example in your own family, social circles and at work - as a Soulfriend - as a soul mate. The program gives you the opportunity to receive a Diploma!

You spend the first year of study learning the basics of Soul Manifestation and subsequently manifesting them in thoughts, feelings and actions in your own life. You will also begin learning the skills needed to guide others professionally as Soul Manifestation Coach® or privately as a Soulfriend. During the second year, you will deepen yourself further while providing regular support and guidance. During the second year you will receive valuable tools in how you can guide others as a Soul Manifestation Coach® or a Soulfriend. The program is designed so that you can manage the program even if you work, have a family or are in school.

Each week you will have access to web-based lessons and live conference calls with Jai, Samya and other program participants for two years. In these online meetings you can ask questions, interact with others in the program and go deeper in your work. In addition, you gain access to our Community where you can create relationships and keep in touch with all others in the program, ask questions, download course materials and much more. The community is an important part of this program as it is web-based. All lessons are in English. Basic knowledge in understanding (first hand listen to and second hand read some words) English is good enough. You do not have to be able to write in English.  

The lessons are organized in that way, that you should immediately have the opportunity to practice and experience what the lessons teach. The arrangement allows you to work, study, have a family and without stress, and participate in the program at the same time.


Your life is being transformed
Imagine how it would feel to have your life filled with the power of your soul, deep love, peace of mind, while getting what you need in your life to thrive. It that possible? Yes it is! You will be able to focus on manifesting your soul in every part of your life. And since your souls desire is to share its abundance with others, it is natural for you to give and help others achieve the same goals by leading them through a similar process. This program gives you the opportunity to live fully every moment. 

This is worth pointing out again. Many have had the experience of going to a weekend class or workshop with meditations or yoga lessons, just to realize that a few days later that the great feeling of joy, calm etc is gone again. Soul Manifestation is not that type of course or training. Soul Manifestation is something completely different. Your whole life will be transformed and you will be able to maintain the feeling and energy as you manifest your soul like the mystics have for centuries.

The knowledge and experience you may have in other or simular spiritual areas such as yoga, meditation, or other programs do not constitute obstacles - on the contrary. Soul Manifestation makes to experience an even greater depth and truth as you practice these.


So - imagine how your life would manifest itself if you felt and experienced deeply within yourself, completely authentic, totally true and loving;

  • Love and compassion for yourself, your surroundings, all living and Mother Earth
  • Gratitude for who you are, what you do, everything you have 
  • Empathy with yourself and all the living creatures on our earth 
  • Flow and synchronicity with the universe
  • Peace of mind in the brain and peace of heart
  • A constant experience of contact with your soul and the The One/The Source 
  • One with all consciousness ...
  • Joy and deep love

Here are some more questions to consider;

1) Is it time for you to let your soul come forth so that you can become the one you truly are and follow the desire in your heart?

2) Do you feel engaged in the spiritual development of humanity and know within you that goodness and love are the way to it?

3) Are you willing to spend the next two years unlocking the desire of your own soul and sharing what you have learned with others?

4) Do you feel a deep desire to help others achieve their dreams in whatever form, either as a Soulfriend in your private life or as a Soul Manifestation Coach® in your own spiritual business?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you are ready to become a Soul Manifestation Coach® or Soulfriend.

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