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Shift Your World. Awaken your full potential. Love it are affilliated partners to Theachers of God and The Shift Network

Teachers of God
It is an honor and privilege to be a Affiliated for Teachers of God! This building of a larger Spiritual Community, means that both Love it and Teachers of God are expanding to reach out to all of those who feel the pull to awakening! 

Are you curious about what this means to you? Us this link to read more how you can take the advantage of amazing tools for your awakening! Now is the time to rise!



The Shift Network
Welcome to The Shift Network — Your Access to the Best Transformational Education, Media and Events on the Planet.

It is a privilege to represent The Shift Network. This affilliation means that you easily gets access to a global spiritual network with internationally known and knowledgeable teachers and lecturers through us. Here you will find, for example, Jamew Twyman, Krishna Das, Raja Choudhyry, Tirzah Firestone, Eben Alexander and many more. In addition to many affordable courses, several are completely free! Do not miss this opportunity to awaken your full potential.

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