Is it time to manifest your Soul?

In October Jai will visit Germany for a 2,5 day workshop. This is a possibility för you to join in to the big spiritual movement worldwide!

We invite you to become an important part of the spiritual and spiritual movement that is araising around the world and where you can make a real difference for yourself and others. We (and many with us) see in front of us several different movements with individuals and groups that over the next few years will manifest what we all so much want and need; love, inner peace, freedom and peace of mind with all brothers and sisters. A world where we spread goodness and manifest Oneness. Do you want to be one of them? Do you feel the call within you? Then this is a YES you know and hear within you.

Join us for a one day workshop in Elz, Hessen, Germany.  Price 100 EUR. For more information, contact Panta Rhei Institut, Marlin Schenk, Email: info(at)pantarhei-institut.org, or +49 176 2025 3218.

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