Workshop with James Twyman

We are pleased to present James Twyman - the New York Times bestseller author and well known teacher in A Course in Miracles! On the 8th and 9th of September, 2018, he holds a one-day lectures and workshops in Malmo, Sweden.

The Most Powerful Manifestation Tool in History

Did you know that 3500 years ago the most powerful manifestation tool in history was given to Moses? Its power was so great that it was soon hidden away and considered the highest blasphemy. UNTIL NOW! You may have heard about the Law of Attraction but the Moses Code harnesses the power of the Soul to manifest miracles in your life and in the world. In this one day workshop James Twyman will help you unleash the energy of this ancient technology in your life and show you how you can step into your own I AM Consciousness. Along with Dr. Waybe Dyer, James has developed an I AM meditation that has been used by millions of people to manifest their greatest Soul Yearning. This is the first time James Twyman has ever taught in Sweden and you won''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''t want to miss this incredible opportunity.

Time and place: September 8th and 9:th (choose one of this days), Sankt Gertrud Conference Center, Ostergatan 7b, Malmo, Sweden.
Time 9.30 am - 4 pm. Price 990SEK incl. VAT

OFFER: Buy at least 4 tickets and get 50SEK discount / ticket! Price 3,800SEK (950SEK / ticket) incl. VAT
Order your tickets by mail to; jai@loveit.se. Write your full name, phone number, email and how many tickets you want and what day you want to attend. We will send an invoice to you when your order has been received. NOTE - The order is binding! 

Bring your receipt/invoice to the event - this is your ticket/tickets!


More about James:

With movies like The Mosescode, Indigo and Redwood Highway, James has become famous throughout the world. His books, movies and music have been published at Hay House in the United States. Together with Gregg Braden, Lisa Natoli, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Debbie Ford, Doreen Virtue, James has worked all over the world. James is a well-known teacher in A Course in Miracles, which he strongly suggest as a solution to human situations and problems.

James is also famous for his work as a Apiritual Peacemaker, an important but dangerous work that James dhas done in for example, Syria, Israel / Palestine, North Korea, and Irac. Together with representatives of the different religions, he acts directly in the war areas. He also arranges synchronized peace meditations on the web so anyone can participate, no matter where they live.

James lecture from ACIM-event 2018;


Music by John Denver thats never was recoorded but given to James after John past away

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