The Ministry of I AM - A handbook in 12 steps that will take you home to your true self

For more than 80 years, 12-step programs have helped millions of people liberate themselves from dependence and co-dependence. Another great movement in the same vein is A Course in Miracles (ACIM) which has helped people find their way on their spiritual journey since the 1970s. In this book, both of these forces join together and are made accessible for everyone interested in personal development and spirituality in a simple but radically functional way.

The book also gives the reader access to the “secrets” that have been carried by mystics since time immemorial and that today are proven by modern science in the field of quantum physics. This book does not represent absolute truth; it shows the reader the path to it. The contents provide insights into the infinite power we each carry inside us, and it also contains important practical tools that will help the reader reach true peace, health, and happiness. Everything we need is already inside us, and this book is a powerful tool for finding these inner answers and consciousness.

The textbook consists of the background of 12-step programs and their successes; Jai’s and Samya’s own life stories. This is also where the reader will find the unique 12 steps created for people without dependence who want to grow in their personal lives and simultaneously deepen their spirituality. Here, the authors describe what it is that creates our experience of being separated from ourselves, others, life, and our greatness—and how quantum physics proves what spiritual people describe and experience. The textbook also includes perspectives from ACIM as well as how mysticism exists at the core of everything.

The workbook is an immersion into the 12 steps, including explanations of the steps as well as exercises that help the reader see and understand the behaviors and their consequences (great and small) that exist in the reader’s life. Here, the reader is given the chance to clean house, to discover their values and integrity, and to be the person they want to be. The reader is given the opportunity to create self-compassion and empathy for both themselves and others, as well as find a context and goal from both a mortal and a spiritual perspective. The steps are transformational and mean a healing journey home to the love that resides in our hearts.

Personal anecdotes are life stories from numerous people who describe their journey through pain and surrender to balance, harmony, and freedom. These intimate stories show how our personal development and spiritual quest hang together, as well as our need to be free in our spiritual searching, with or without religious affiliation.

About The Ministry of I AM gives an understanding of the concept of “I AM” both intellectually and experientially. I Am is the same as Oneness/God/The Source/Ground Zero. The Ministry is the collective of awakened souls, the bearers of light who are conscious of this oneness and who, in various ways and in various contexts, gather in meetings all over the world.

The Toolkit presents functional tools that can be used daily to strengthen the experience of our inherent greatness as well as to deepen and develop on the human, personal level. These tools can be used completely on the reader’s own or can be shared with others by practicing them in group meetings. They are communication tools, mindfulness exercises, suggestions for different mantras, intuition exercises, and much more. 

The explanation of concepts provides an understanding of all the concepts that are used in this book.

Meeting materials give the reader suggestions of how, if desired, they could start a book group or 12-step meeting in which they evolve in a shared experience with others.



"Jai''''s book is a helpful guidebook for furthering one''''s understanding of what it means to be as God created you. It is inspired by some of the principles of A Course in Miracles, and this helps to reinforce its non-dualistic teachings. I think anyone who reads it will be lifted up and motivated to go deeper with their spiritual growth."

-Cindy Lora-Renard, Best-Selling Author of A Course in Health and Well-Being and The Business of Forgiveness
"This book is a valuable resource for anyone seeking deep transformation and the renewal of the mind. Drawing from the 12 Step programs and other traditions like A Course In Miracles, The Ministry of I AM is designed to help individuals and communities bridge the gap between lives of isolation to realizing the power of I AM Consciousness. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone, whether you are struggling with addiction or any other kind of human challenge. This book will be a valuable resource to launch you into a new life."
-James F. Twyman, NY Times Bestselling Author of The Moses Code
"It´s really one of the best books I have read!"

"A book written with the greatest love and with the willingness to explain the mystery of life and to make all readers understand this. Read it !!!"

"I feel warm inside my body when I read this book because this is exactly what I have felt for so long time, that there is more in life, and then that the book puts it into words is a relief.  Thank you for that!"
"A very touching book that comes as an answer in time"
"I have had the opportunity to preview Jai Thornell''''s forthcoming book The Ministry of I Am, and recommend everyone to keep an eye out for the release at The book is an ingenious presentation of the famous 12-step program, which here is adapted to help everyone find their true Self, not just those with substance abuse problems.
"Lars Gimstedt

"I have read the book and it is already full of post-it notes, page references and reminders. Thank you for this nice friend who will follow me for the rest of my life."

"A fantastic book. It will help many to manifest their soul."

"An incredibly rewarding book! Feeling such great love within me."

"I think the book is fantastic. It is based on background facts, people''''s experience and ancient wisdom. It provides inspiration and hope and shows that it is possible to change."
"This book will help people become free!"
"I''m not much for reading books, but this book has really caught my interest. It feels like it can give me what I need to move forward. I have experience of other 12-step work since before but got stucked, so the steps in this book feel liberatingly fresh."

"Wonderful book, complements the hard-to-read" bible "ACIM, very, very good."

"A book that warms and is so expanding for the soul."

"I have come a bit into the book, so wonderfully written. I have probably not been so focused and present before when I read. It strikes me absolutely fantastic. A warm THANK  YOU and a lot of love to you and Samya"

"Jai, it''''s a great book you wrote! Thank you very much"

"A moment of laughter. A moment of crying. A moment of recognition. A moment of complete peace. What an amazing book! I am SO grateful that I gave myself that gift."

"It is a absolutely crazy, fantastic book on all levels, as I have been waiting for this ... For several years ... I get so excited that even though I only read half the book, I ordered another on the go ... Felt I had to give it to someone. I don´t know know to whom, but that will solve itself"


This book are published in Sweden (in Swedish only) and hopefully we get a Publisher soon in USA or Great Britain so we can have it translated and published. 

© Jai Thornell

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