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Privacy Policy for Love it Communications AB


Love it Communications AB is responsible for the personal information you provide to us. This policy specifies what information Love It Communications AB collects, how they are managed and what they are used to.

Tasks covered by this policy
This policy covers the handling of personal data. Personal data means such information as may be attached to a natural person, such as name, address, email address and telephone number. It does not matter if the data belongs to an individual or a person in a professional role.

When is the data collected and what information is saved?
Love it Communications AB collects only personal information that is necessary, relevant and not superfluous for the purpose for which they are intended. This could mean, for example, that they are required to fulfill an agreement with, or a request from, the person who gets their data registered. Love it Communications AB does not collect additional information about the registered person than the one specified by the data subject itself. The information that is mandatory to submit to an order in the webshop is particularly noticeable and an order can not be made if it is not filled in. Other information is only saved if the registrant has filled it in voluntarily.

Love it Communications AB usually collects the personal data that appear when you (physical or legal person):

  • register as a customer in our webshop or digital training platform (agreement)
  • is an agreement with Love it Communications AB, for example as a customer or supplier (agreement)
  • Sign up for subscription service for, for example, newsletters (consent)
  • visit us at Love it Communications AB, contact us otherwise or otherwise come in contact with us. (consent)
  • Purpose of saving the data

Love it Communications AB is responsible for the personal information you provided to us above. You also agree that Love it Communications AB stores and uses this information in order to fulfill our commitments and to provide you with the best possible service. The data is also saved to comply with the provisions of the accounting legislation. Love it Communications AB may also use the information for marketing purposes.

In case you contact us but do not count as a customer according to the paragraph above, your information will only be used for the purposes for which the information was provided. For example, it may touch requests, interest notifications, or participation in surveys and surveys.

You can request unsubscribe from any newsletter or other messages from Love it Communications AB at any time.

Transfer of personal data to third parties
Your personal information will only be disclosed to third parties if required to fulfill commitments to you as a customer. It may include vendors to handle the shipping of ordered products and credit card payment in the webshop. As for the payment function in the webshop, communication to Payson is encrypted.

The IT system Love it Communications AB uses is compatible with the provisions of GDPR.

How long will the data be saved?
Your information will not be stored for longer than is necessary to meet the purposes stated above or as long as we are required to store your personal data by law. Then your data will be deleted. The information from the price notification is stored as long as the contract period is in progress and then deleted within 6 months. Interest reports are stored only during contact hours with those interested in certain courses / education and then deleted within 3 months unless the person who showed interest itself wants us to save more time. If consent is given to continued marketing, the data may be saved until you request the data to be deleted. Images used on the Love it Communication AB website are used after written consent. Purchased licensed images are reproduced with permission of Shutterstock.

Your rights
The person whose personal data has been collected is entitled annually to receive an extract from Love it Communications AB which shows what information we have stored about you and how the information is used. Such a request must be in writing. You are entitled to withdraw your consent for collection and, if there are no legal barriers, get your data deleted. You also have the right to have your information corrected in case incorrect information has been registered. Love it Communications AB takes the necessary security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access and use, and to avoid incidents.

The person whose personal data are registered with Love it Communications AB has the right to request the transfer of the data to another personal data controller. This applies to information that the registrant has deliberately and actively provided, as well as information provided by the data subject's activities. The request must be in writing.

Links and Social Media
All visitors should be aware that our sites may contain links to and from other sites that are not covered by this or other privacy policy. The same applies if you share information from our website on other platforms such as social media. You should review the privacy policies of these websites before submitting your personal information to you.

About cookies:

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Love it Communications AB's website
On this site, cookies are used to measure traffic and using the "Google Analytics" web service that uses cookies to collect visitor statistics on the site. This information is then used to improve site content and user experience. The site also uses temporary cookies that are stored as long as the browser session is active. These are required for the site to work properly.

Note that this site only uses cookies to simplify for the user and to enable full functionality.

Love it Communication AB's webshop
This page uses session cookies for the Article menu. There may also be third party cookies from Google for visitor statistics in Google Analytics, depending on the set.

A session cookie is created when a visitor is on one of our web pages. It is then stored temporarily in the visitor's computer. The session cookie disappears when the visitor closes his browser. No personal information such as postal address or name will be saved about the visitor.

The webshop uses cookies to manage logged in users and their shopping carts. The information stored in cookies depends on whether you are logged in or not.

Love it Communication AB's digital education platform
On this page, the customer registers necessary information such as first name, last name, e-mail address and unique password for accessing their ordered course, program or distance education. The data is stored in the intended cms of the supplier that provides the service for Love it Communications AB and which ensures security regarding the technology and management of personal data that follows GDPR. A personal data grant agreement has been established between parties.

Your submitted personal information is deleted from the Love it Communication AB website and instead stores these in our newsletter service at the supplier and ensures secure technology and storage that follows GDPR.

Policy update
This policy may be amended or supplemented as needed and it is therefore advisable to review the policy repeatedly. At the bottom of the page, the date for which the policy has been updated is specified.

Contact details

For comments, complaints or questions, please contact us as below.


Jai Thornell


The person who considers that the processing of personal data is in violation of the Data Protection Ordinance. GDPR is entitled to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority / Integrity Authority.

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