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Code of Ethics

We are members in The Association for Spiritual Integrity (ASI), a internationell organisation.

The Association for Spiritual Integrity (ASI) is a voluntary, inclusive, international organization of spiritual leaders, teachers and guides, offering membership to a supportive community of peers to teachers who agree to abide by a code of good and ethical practice, and commit to their ongoing professional, personal and spiritual evolution.

The Association for Spiritual Integrity (ASI) was founded in 2018 by Craig Holliday, Jac O’Keeffe and Rick Archer with input from many valuable friends, peers and students along the way. The ASI arose out of a deep need to address the numerous scandals and confusion involving spiritual teachers, their students and communities, over the years. The ASI aims to deepen the conversation and become an evolving force in education so that there is greater integrity and professionalism within the modern spiritual landscape.

The intention of the ASI is to grow and evolve as a community of spiritual leaders, teachers and guides, and prevent these unfortunate events by empowering teachers to become fully educated on the ethics and dynamics of working with students. The ASI team believes passionately that now is the time to fulfill the fundamental need for establishing education, transparency, responsibility and ethical standards within the spiritual guidance & teaching community. The ASI is not a judging, policing or mediating body. It seeks to create accountability and support leaders, teachers and guides professionally so that they may better serve their communities.

While Jac, Craig and Rick are founding members of ASI, they are as equally accountable to the Code of Ethics presented here as every other member. We all are “works in progress”, and will continue to explore the realm of ethics and spirituality and improve the Code. Nobody receives “special privileges” within ASI. We are in this together.



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Code of Ethics

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