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When we follow our soul, we commit ourselves to the natural harmony of the universe and reconnects to the source, our origin. Both courses, circles and consultations are based on modern science and spiritual wisdom. Our work rests on and is protected by Article 18 of the UN´s Declaration of Human Rights concerning freedom of thought and religion!

We have been doing spiritual work since 2005 and are dedicated to ur misson - helping others to wake up so they can find the greatness and power in them selves. The courses we provide are theme courses such as Spiritual Awareness, Peaceful Living, Soul Manifestation, Healing, Hypnosis and others. But all the themes are only parts of the whole and leads to something bigger - your spiritual way, your higher self, Onenenss and of course God, The highest Love, The Source. So no matter where your interest lies, by joining us and a program you will find that you will grow on a personal level, spiritual level and increase higher spiritual awareness. You get closer to your true self, your authentic you, the real you - and you will do it together with others, doing exactly the same.

We are located in South of Sweden, close to Malmo and Lund. In a beautiful envionment, surrounded by forest, we offer a quiet, peaceful place for students and clients.


Welcome to Love it

Samya & Jai

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